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Our Approach

Employee Benefit and Consulting Brokerage
We create a structured process which begins with a thorough audit of all plans, contracts, and costs. We develop a complete understanding of client culture and goals and use this knowledge to work with you to create a multi-year strategy for success in your health & welfare plan management.

BSP collaborates with internal and external experts to provide a complete range of health & welfare plan consulting and brokerage services.

Health and Welfare Plan Management
We deliver customized, client-specific annual service plans and attend regular meetings, providing on-site support. Effective day-to-day collaboration with all internal and external stakeholders (Finance, HR, employees/plan participants) helps BSP provide successful solutions. BSP also offers skilled, expert negotiation on costs and service offerings from insurance company partners. Our standard, proprietary, and customized reporting allow clients to fully understand and manage benefit plan utilization and cost.

Health Promotion and Wellness Programs
BSP designs and implements customized wellness plan solutions. Securing management buy-in and providing leadership on the drive for wellness, our team will ensure effective population health management. BSP manages the entire program, including negotiation of provider contributions, reporting, communication and staffing of the events. We report, analyze and follow up on the progress of programs tailored to your population.

Comprehensive Solutions for HR and Benefits Compliance
BSP provides you with a customized Compliance Calendar, allowing us to monitor and prepare for all deadlines well in advance. We offer Form 5500 Schedule A data collection and signature-ready preparation. Our partners are plugged into the latest changes and the newest tools. BSP offers training, seminars and on-site events like "Lunch & Learns" to make sure our knowledge reaches all of the right people in your organization.